Meet Dr. Jason Judd

Building Lifetimes of Smiles and Friendships

I love being an orthodontist and can’t imagine a more fulfilling profession. Every day is spent with remarkable people, each of whom is in the process of changing their life by changing their smile. My days are filled with great conversations and I’m constantly surrounded by happy, smiling people!

I love meeting new people, getting to know who they are, and learning about their lives. It’s fun to hear about their latest successes and adventures at work, school, or in extracurricular activities. I am glad to be part of people’s lives during such a pivotal time.

Many people start orthodontic care feeling self-conscious about crooked teeth. This affects their self-esteem and they tend to uncomfortable around their peers. Once we begin treatment, each person begins to change. From visit to visit, I see those remarkable changes as people see how their smile is transforming.

By the time a person finishes treatment, they’re confident, outgoing, and have an amazing smile they love to share. Being part of that process is the best experience!

Education and Continuing Education

A key part of being an orthodontist is staying current on developments in technology, technique, and materials. Every day, new options are developed and made available: it’s essential I am fully aware of those options and carefully evaluate them to decide if they’re right for our practice.

Each year I dedicate many hours to continuing orthodontic education, learning from leading researchers and practitioners. This keeps me engaged in modern advancements and allows me to explore new challenges as I strengthen and expand what we’re able to offer patients.

Professional Memberships

Beyond the Practice


I grew up right here in Mesa and am glad to practicing in my home town. When not working, my priority is being with my wife, Tina, our eight children, and my dog, Cooper, who thinks he’s one of the kids. If not in the office, there’s a good chance I’m at a sporting, theatrical, or musical event supporting my children.

Our family also enjoys outdoor adventures, including mountain biking and snowboarding, backpacking, archery, and camping.

Patient Rewards

Get Rewarded for Being a Great Patient! Earn points for begins a great patient, referring friends to our office, and more. Every point you earn can then be redeemed for gift cards at places like Amazon, iTunes, Target, and Starbucks!

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